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October 16, 2011

Run, duck and weave – farewell Anne Cosson #eqnz #Chch

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There is such intimacy in death.
You can work with someone for years, as I did with Anne Cosson, and it’s not until their funeral that you learn their age or their middle name.
Anne’s was Veronica, and she was only 42.
Her son Joseph participated in her requiem mass. I don’t know where he found the courage but I know his Mum would have been immensely proud of the way he comported himself.
Anne was funny, warm hearted, immensely good at her job and she loved people and community. One of the good ones, young Anne.
Although her passing has me sad and shocked, she has left me with a grin.
Her team leader Rod told us of a day when Anne and her colleague Ann were in a local business discussing a council matter with the owner. He became increasingly irate, to the point where both decided it was time to beat a judiciously hasty retreat.
Neither Anne nor Ann had realised until they entered his shop that a significant part of his business was devoted to firearms. It was with that in mind that the lovely Anne Cosson mused as they left the store,
“If we hear a click, do you think we are best to stop drop and roll, or should we run duck and weave?”
Goodbye Anne. I will miss your smile, your charm, and your great love for the people and the places in our little part of the world. You were beautiful and kind and loved, and you really made a difference.


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