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October 12, 2011

Central City Plan day 8 #eqnz #Chch

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I write from bed. It’s 700 on a lovely Spring evening and I’m so shattered it’s all I can muster the energy to do.
Another five hours of submissions this afternoon followed our CCHL meeting this morning.
Today was very much more of the same in terms of mix of support, criticism, suggestion and hostility.
There are 11 further volumes of submissions to be read before Monday. I’m not starting that tonight.
The enormity of the task we all are working on together slaps me in the face every now and again and today was one of those days. One of the submitters read from her handwritten submission, outlining the things she loved about the city, things we have lost.
As she read, I found myself buying chestnuts from Johnsons Grocers when I was in my teens. Choosing my watch
at Curtis Jewellers after I was burgled. Drinking beer in Poplar Lanes, browsing for clothes I couldn’t afford in High Street. If I looked disinterested in her submission I wasn’t. I was far too interested for my own good.
On top of that the Royal Commission has released its interim findings. I’m still digesting it not just with Christchurch in mind but as a New Zealander. We all have a lot of thinking to do.
Tomorrow it’s back to the familiarity of the council meeting, as always open to the public, 930 at Beckenham. There’s a new school holiday activity – shame the room isn’t overly large – I’m sure thousands will be turned away.


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  1. You hang in there, a moment in history for Christchurch with
    so many people in a state of grief and anger with nowhere to direct it but at our public figures. You are doing a job well beyond the capacity of most citizens in a time of unprecedented loss for the city.

    Comment by Angelene — October 15, 2011 @ 9:29 pm | Reply

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