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October 11, 2011

Central City Plan Day 7 and 1/2 #eqnz #chch

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Imagine a city created for its beauty and its relevance to its location. A place which is fresh and new and of its day and of its time. We the council are being challenged to enable her creation, and clearly told we haven’t yet written the rulebook to make it so.

Today, we met again with a group of property owners so that we could tease our their concerns and find better ways of working together. Tomorrow, we hear from our final batch of submitters.

Next week we begin to move into our deliberations phase, the one which will deliver a plan to the Minister for Earthquake Recovery (and also I think to the Minister for the Environment) which will outline our vision for the future and the ways we will get there.

In those terms, this was a very good day.

There is one significant exception to that remark.

Just as we began our meetings today, I learnt of the passing at the weekend of Anne Cosson. I knew Anne as a treasured member of our staff, who loved the work she did in Parks, made great urban spaces and relished her engagement with the community we serve. Anne is young, she has a young family, her death due to ill health was unexpected and is terribly sad. I respected her as a member of staff and really enjoyed her company as a human being. I will miss her enormously but nowhere near as much as will her daily colleagues and her very close family.

Some things are just bloody rotten unfair. Anne’s death this year is yet another of them.


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  1. Sue. I heard your comments on Radio NZ yesterday. There is no need under the RMA for the regulations in the current Plan. Look at Wynyard Quarter (Part 14 of the Auckland City Plan) which is a large are with virtually no buildings that gives developers huge scope within an overall vision

    Comment by Grant Smith — October 12, 2011 @ 6:37 am | Reply

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