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October 5, 2011

Central city plan day 3 #eqnz #CCC

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In the afternoon tea break.
Another fascinating day. The green party, retailers, property owners, a man with a monorail just looking for somewhere to go, cyclists, pedestrians, a farmer who asked us to make sure our architects get outside and experience the easterly, people who have concerns about problem gambling, people who don’t want the cloak of urban planning to descend upon the city, a woman who sang operetta and startled the man from the press, and Gyda Heidtke.
Gyda is in year 6 (that’s standard four). She wants us to ditch our plans for light rail and further emphasize cycling.
Calm, collected, she spoke of enjoying rides at McLeans Island with her dad and would like more rides around the city like that.
I asked Gyda if we built her more tracks like that would she ride to school? What about when it is cold and wet and dark?
She smiled. “It doesn’t frighten me. I don’t mind it being cold and rainy and dark. You just have to keep yourself warm.”
Resilient Canterbury.


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  1. You always manage to give us the very best of what at times must be mind numbind.
    Thank you

    Comment by feyhag — October 5, 2011 @ 5:00 pm | Reply

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