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June 25, 2011

The little blog of wine, skype, and ironing #eqnz #chch

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I know you’ve probably been doing this for ages – but I’m learning to Skype. (As is someone called Craig who scared us both by calling me thinking I was his wife a couple of hours ago. Craig – I’m not. It’s as simple as that. I’m sure she’s a very lucky woman though.)

It’s in self defence and almost begrudgingly. In half an hour I’m going to teleport into Portugal,  to attend the Great Wine Capitals Global Network half AGM. Christchurch is the current chair of the association – I am Madame La Presidente until November, and have fingers crossed that I will be able to attend that conference, shakes and shekels permitting.

I would love to be in Porto tonight, in the height of their summer, without the shakes like we’ve had today. (I felt one today when I was running. It was like a pot-hole under my right foot that wasn’t there when I turned around to see what jarred me so much. Kim was driving. The steering went. Not a happy place to be. It’s quite disconcerting. )

Christchurch is there in the Great Wine Capitals Global Network in its place as the capital of the South Island of New Zealand. The last few months have underscored the pertinence of that association. With the advertising that Christchurch has had, so too has the South Island. Our cousins in Australia have not bothered themselves with the fact that the tremors affecting only Christchurch have no influence on the rest of our island. Tourism, quite unnecessarily, has bitten the bullet. My mission tonight is twofold. To clarify to the eight other member nations that we are open for business, and to encourage them to support a wine festival in Hagley Park in December.

So Skype is now set up on both the laptop and the phone. The lipstick is on. It seems the bedroom (all -3 degrees of it) offers the best opportunity for discourse – I am nearly good to go.

Kim has let go of the iron long enough to offer some advice on the required lux. I am ever so grateful. I would hate to be appearing online in a dimly lit environment that hid the wrinkles and cracks – on the walls, of course. What could you have been thinking?

A la prochaine a tous.


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