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June 22, 2011

The longest night with the oscillating dog. #eqnz #Chch

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Kim and I went out for thai last night at Red Elephant, tucked in beside Moorhouse Medical on Pilgrim Place. Outrageously good food and impeccable company. Laughter and lots of it.
Home then to the boys and Pepper the dog. Kim and I reading various bits of paperwork while the boys told us with excitement about their day.
Me, kneeling on the floor to read as the 1035 express rock and rolled through the lounge. I discovered knee boarding makes for a less unpleasant way to deal with the tremors.
Pepper’s knees were not on the ground. She fled to her corner, oscillating. How her heart can take it I have no idea. I’m not sure how mine is dealing with it anymore.
We coped. We laughed. We went to bed with knotted tummies. And through the longest night, the quakes rolled on and on and we woke and went back to sleep, woke and slept again.
Straws in the eyelids at the CCHL board meeting this morning. Held in the airport company’s new board room, on the fourth floor of the carparking building. It rattled and rolled when the 1125 came through. Poor Sarah Astor sitting beside me. I hope the bruises I must have left on her arm pass soon.
There will be new bruises tomorrow. The first of the retreat announcements is due. We have a council meeting at 930 which will break to hear the news.
I don’t know what level of detail will be available, whether all the answers people are hoping for are ready or not. It will help to enable people in certain parts of town to plan for their future, and that will alter the level of misery they have with their present. But the base case remains. For many in the city at the moment, every day feels like the longest day, every night the longest night. It’s a bit like being the little kid in the back of the car asking “are we there yet?”
I guess that begs the question, who are you asking?
Pepper snuck onto the bed as I left for work this morning. She knew she was being a ratbag. I didn’t care. There are times to look past the rules.
I hope tomorrow’s announcement from the government will do just that. It won’t solve all the problems and it won’t stop the shaking but it will take one unknown out of the mix for some. That’s a solid step in the right direction.


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  1. If cerara a Gerry have settled with insurance and re insurance they have done fantastic. The normally litigate to extemd payment periods now. I dont believe this is real the CERA but they are dealing with a bunch of pricks who will make things real hard if the govt hadnt moved in

    Comment by Dave — June 22, 2011 @ 7:01 pm | Reply

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