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June 12, 2011

Sunday evening #eqnz #chch

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The sound track to this entry is that of teenage boys talking about gaming and laser lights and social media. I’m learning new words and phrases and social norms. “Redonk” is now part of my repertoire, and I now understand why one should choose to be a barbarian if at all possible when playing online.

I’m in my warm lounge, with the log burner roaring. Chef, who cooked an impeccable meal, is snoozing gently on the floor in front of it. Dog is doing much the same just a little further away, lifting her head occasionally to check that the dog reflected in the piano is still there.

She and I rode through Bottle Lake Forest this afternoon, about 25 ks of good solid wet and mucky up and down. It’s been ages since the bike’s been out for recreational purposes – of late I’ve used it to go to work more than I use the car.

This has been the most relaxing weekend I’ve had in months. We went to Hanmer yesterday afternoon, enjoyed it in the rain. We talked idly over breakfast, chatted over lunch, laughed during dinner. It’s been a magnificent tonic after a horrendously draining week at Council – I’m not going to spoil my night by thinking about work. I’ve switched off that part of my brain until tomorrow, when I have Central City plan in the morning and a briefing in the afternoon.

This week looks very much like five evenings out in a row. An eclectic mix of adventures though – everything from community board to a business women’s forum to the regular tweetup to an incredibly exciting gig on Friday (if you’re into the New Zealand literary scene).

It’s much colder now, much more the way it should be feeling for June. It’s time to start hunkering down, digging out the extra merino. I hear that Ballantynes is having a massive sale on Tuesday at the CBS arena – they’re bound to have some there.

Today I visited a friend of mine who’s had a huge couple of weeks. A nasty health event, a very near miss – yet another of those moments that cannot but help you realise you do not get to walk twice on this earth.

And so I’ve had a weekend surrounded with people I love, making time to do the things I enjoy. I feel much better set up for the week ahead. During that week I will write you a proper report on the week that’s passed. There’s certainly a ton to write about there.



  1. Hi Sue, have you seen Di Lucas’s proposal to destroy the forest and rebuild on the land? She thinks it’s safe land for building because it had no liquefaction. I think the Bottle Lake Forest suffered no liquefaction because 800 hectares of pine trees have lowered the water table. Houses around the rim of the forest have been unaffected for this very reason. But go just a few hundred metres from the forest boundary and suddenly homes and streets are inundated. If we clear the forest and put 10,000 homes there, will Di Lucas cover the costs when the historic Bottle Lake returns to claim its wetlands?

    Can we afford to lose this resource along with the loss of QE2 etc? There is plenty of open, unforested land on the fringes of Christchurch, relatively unaffected by the quakes, readily available for new subdivisions. The forest should be retained as a much-loved amenity for all of Christchurch, whose people use it each week in their thousands for walking, running, biking and horse riding. Do we need to conduct a silly experiment and erase a forest just because one “expert” has a rush of blood— in the process destroying one of Christchurch’s few remaining recreational jewels.

    Comment by Paul — June 15, 2011 @ 12:06 pm | Reply

    • It’s council owned land and I certainly havent heard any such proposal bring mooted.

      Comment by Sue Wells — June 15, 2011 @ 7:41 pm | Reply

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