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May 20, 2011

In good form. #eqnz #chch

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People often ask me if being a councillor is a fulltime job. The answer is yes – but it’s not fulltime in meetings, or in the office. You end up working weekends and evenings, and your days are often in bits. Sometimes, as today, you end up with time to catch up with the behind the scenes chores that need to be done to keep your house (literal and metaphorical) in order.

We are classed as self employed by IRD. We work from our homes. We handle our own paperwork, keep our own diaries, fill in our own rotten EQC claim forms, cope with our own expired passports (doh!), pick up our own cars when they need serviced (gulp at the price) and do our own registrations for the SBS half marathon.

Beck Eleven has shamed me into entering the event. I had thought to be out of Christchurch for Queen’s birthday weekend, but Valeri and Matty are being farewelled on the Saturday and then the Sunday and I need to be here for that. I’m going to try (if I put it like that the half marathon curse might just stay away) to complete my first half on the Sunday, and be at Matty’s farewell at 2. It’s doable – and I’m sure I’ll find a shower somewhere handy.

The new SBS course this year is at Lincoln, because the current one is in the red zone. Changes, changes everywhere.

And so much to do.

Wifey helped motivate me this morning. Half the lounge is now free of debris. She is a stunning organiser and cleaner, that woman, and great fun besides. And the garage got a thorough going over last weekend, so it was rather nice tucking boxes away down the back. It looks quite the storage unit now.

Then Steve from Cabinet Craft (they make the best kitchens, if you’re looking for a top class joiner he’s your man) came and fixed my pantry – the wheels fell off during one of the aftershocks and it took a while for me to get interested in sorting it out.

I filled in my contents claim. Can’t figure out how to fill it in online. Realised not only do I not know the price of a postage stamp I don’t own any envelopes! That got me motivated to get out my … what did I used to call it ….. cheque? book? and write out some …. cheques. Will pop down to the chemist tomorrow – they have a post shop franchise and it’s all very retro.

Filled out my expired passport application too. Doing it at 11pm meant it was hard to find awake people who fitted all the criteria. You wouldn’t think it’s that hard to be – over 16, – not related to me, – have known me over a year, – be the holder of a current passport, – which is of the NZ variety, – and which is not in the red zone, – and which is somewhere handy.

It took 7 minutes. Kelly Corbett to the rescue. I’ll send you a postcard from somewhere lovely once it comes, beautiful. Kimmy reminded me of those when she awoke from the dream she just had of being in the Bahamas. “I must bring you the postcard I bought you. I forgot to post it. I have it though. It’s very pretty.” She brought me pink sparkly powder too – couldn’t post that, they’d blow it up for anthrax!

Had my first dweet-up – that’s when you and twitter friends (tweeps) are pawns in the paws of your puppies. Pepper and Paulie both frequent the local park, and see each other intermittently. Today Paulie’s mum and I met for coffee, and then how they ran. Paulie is a greyhound. Pepper likes to lie patiently until he’s exhausted and then torment him by running more. She’s such a beast. I love her dearly.

I ran her to voice ads this morning, and we went back past AMI stadium. The park outside looks like a mini golf course in the making. Sandhills, bald patches, what it’s like inside must be phenomenal. I haven’t been in there yet. The poor staff and management there worked so hard for us for Rugby World Cup. My heart aches at how disappointed they must be with what’s happened. They’re such good people.

As is my beautician friend Margaret. I popped in and saw her tonight at Peaches, in the Cracroft shops. (Any body work – she’s your girl). By the time she did what she had to do, and we gossiped and chatted, it was late. Dinner was chinese, enough for the kids and the dog and the kids again tomorrow night.

So having paid the bills (mostly) and filled out the forms (a few), done my nails for tomorrow’s filming and had a text or two that made me squeal with delight, it’s time for bed. Blanket on, dog on the floor at my side – and to dream tonight of flying, I think. A clear night sky, a big full moon, water below, hope in my heart that a bright future beckons us all.

Sweet dreams to you too.


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