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May 17, 2011

Hitch-hikes with MPs #eqnz #chch

Greetings from Wellington.

I’m here doing a little bit of business. It’s been a good day.

At the airport I bumped into local MPs Lianne Dalziel and Brendan Burns. Managed to hitchhike my way into town with them which impressed me enormously considering I spilt my coffee all over Brendan. That was after he’d managed to remember my parent’s address and my Mum’s first name. (He couldn’t remember Dad’s though – Mister is not a prenom, Mr Burns!) Lianne was also very tolerant of me as I tweeted on my way into town – remarking on her hospitality while managing to misspell her name. Two ‘n’s in Lianne. Got it. We follow each other as good Christchurch pollies should. She’s Labour – I’m independent – I don’t care about that stuff. All our locally resident MPs are local MPs as far as I’m concerned. Red, blue, green, rainbow – we’re all in it for Christchurch, one way or another.

Lianne and Brendan, thanks to you both. As tweeter Angela Clifford of Greystone Wines commented – “love this country. Only place in the world where a member of parliament would pick up a city councillor hitchhiking! Nice one!” (Will have to set my sights higher next time and bag a lift with a cabinet minister though – they have really flash cars 😉

I disembarked at the Beehive, toddled off and did my bit of business. I had one of those ‘dropsy’ days. It started with the coffee, progressed to an entire file box of papers, then I managed to unbind an enormous volume of stuff and proceeded to spill a second (thankfully nearly empty) cup of coffee over the leftovers. Lucky I wasn’t driving anywhere. Those days happen from time to time. I blame the planetary alignment, which was just incredible at 6am. Breathtaking. There’s an i-phone app, star walk, I think it is. I’ll have to download it. It lets you orientate yourself and see which stars are which in the sky you’re observing. Amazing, isn’t it. 🙂

I’d booked myself a hotel room using wotif -what a good site. Took a punt on the very cheap mystery hotel. Turned out it’s the Intercontinental which is lovely and usually quite dear. They “upgraded” me to what I assume is a single room, and that suits me just fine. I’m only little. There are two double beds, one bathrobe and slipper set, the most uncomfortable armchair I’ve ever sat in so I’m lying in bed writing, and it’s all lovely and clean and serene with a flushing toilet and could life be any better than that?

(Well, yes it could, just a little, but these things can’t helped by anything except passage of time and conquering the tyranny of distance 🙂

Speaking of time, I have ended up with a bit spare at the conclusion of tomorrow’s business and oh what shall I do? It might be …. a little bit …. a tiny bit …. of ……. they don’t call it retail therapy for nothing, do they? I’m nearly out of foundation after all, and a new pair of boots wouldn’t go amiss for TEDxEQCHCH this weekend. And perhaps a little black dress?

As last time I tried to go shopping in Wellington I ended up with absolutely nothing, it’s equally likely I shall do the same again, shop online at Ballantynes and hit the hotel gym. I’m sure they won’t notice me if I hide in the lap pool for 4 hours or so. Those would be raisin fingers worth seeing!

The camomile tea and the excessive sugar from the bag of lollies I just ganneted are kicking in. You be good and safe and still while I’m away Christchurch – and Wellington – you be good and safe and still while I’m here. Let’s all have a quiet night. What do you reckon? Save it up for the Rapture weekend. Go on Gaia. That’ll make someone’s day. 🙂



  1. I met Lianne Dalziel at a meeting once and was very impressed with her attitude to things.

    Do you want me to create a coffee cup ‘bib’ in case of any more accidents?

    Comment by Steve Taylor — May 18, 2011 @ 10:08 am | Reply

    • I think a bib would be an excellent idea. Failing that it’s nappies for those nearby!

      Comment by Sue Wells — May 20, 2011 @ 12:31 am | Reply

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