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May 10, 2011

DLA and drinking on a Monday #eqnz

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DLA (District Licensing Agency) meeting this morning. I chair them. Today was a “special” licence for a party bus operator, and a temporary licence for a new(ish) restauranteur. Decisions will be released in due course.

Meetings went til around 2.30.

Came home, did paperwork, remounted the bike and headed back into town fora batch of briefiings. Nothing difficult or public excluded in any of them – CCC needs to be explaining what’s happening as we go. They were about the connection between CERA and CCC and it’s really complex, but done pretty well in behind the scenes – although nobody knows that yet. That meeting went from just on 5 til 7.30. So to those critics who think we have nothing to do – nearly 8 hours of being lectured today, and in between times the need to think, deliberate, reflect, act, do all the paperwork, the emails. We don’t have PAs or electorate offices. No problems with that – but we earn our keep.

Infuriating as days go. Regrettably this week holds a lot more of the same.

And then headed off to a beer tasting – as you do. (On my bike tonight:)

And as you do, if you listen to what people have to tell you, had a fascinating conversation, the second similar in a couple of days.

We were discussing the flavours in beer. The colours of the flavour. That turned to the particular thought process (name escapes me ) where you  link colours with numbers or letters. Echoed another conversation yesterday around dyslexia/dyspraxia. I’m going to have to do some homework, see if that makes sense for how my”can’t recognise faces/read maps”  brain works. I suspect it might.

I’m fascinated by the way people think. We all do it differently. Tonight’s conversation around male/female brains (which echoed yesterday’s, ironically) led to a discussion around how that interacts with music and creativity.

I wonder if the fact I can’t fill in forms without a massive struggle, the fact I get lost in a straight line, that reading maps is a time consuming problem, and that there is just no hope for me remembering names on a face print (although I can do it on a voice print, and phone numbers and birthdates never leave me) makes sense of my language skill. Karma tends to balance you out I think.

Karma -that’s a pretty good word for my fundamental belief system. More on that when it’s not stupid o’clock in the morning. 🙂 Although you’d be amazed how many people you find up at this time of night, all different colours and flavours of them. It’s lovely how the world works.

Tomorrow – 9 o’clock meeting at the Art Gallery. More meetings in the afternoon. A meeting in the evening. I will have to fit in time to do something glorious. That matters, everyday.


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