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April 29, 2011

Emergency over, CERA comes in, Community Expo, Prince William and the ASBO #eqnz

A glorious day in the Garden City today. Blue skies, ideally suited to hosting a Planning Chair’s briefing at home. Today’s menu – toast and marmalade, a grand test of one’s culinary skills.

Pepper and I proceeded then to visit Amanda and Keegan and with only the barest hint of an RP accent were the commercials for our finest FMCG establishments voiced today.

Following that, a return home to discuss barking the garden with the gardener (not the dog, although that could have worked too) before a quick hose down (ran to commercial voicing, active transport today) and a micro-pack ahead of this weekend’s grand adventure.

Now, it would not be appropriate for me to tell you where I’m going. A lady doesn’t tell. Let’s just say I’m not letting Prince William go without a fight.

(It’s going to be the battle of the remote in households all across the country tonight – from DUD, the Blues play the Highlanders, and then it’s the Breakers game. Meanwhile, across the big big ditch, there’s a Prince, a frock and at least one Queen – there’s a lot of that going around tonight, or so says Dorothy.)

I’m coming to you from the new domestic terminal at Christchurch International Airport. The CCC through CCHL owns 75% of the airport, and prior to the earthquake rebuild this was the largest single building project in dollar terms in the south island. The ITP is around $200M – it’s a strategic asset for our region and long overdue. She’s looking lovely right now, and I’m enjoying the free 30 minutes wifi at the cafe, people watching and wondering if in another year’s time the place will be a sea of hi vis vests as it is today – lots of workers going home for the weekend.

Some big news out of council today. I’m going to cheat here and cut and paste the media release that came out.

Transition from Civil Defence to CERA

29 April 2011

As the Civil Defence emergency comes to a close, earthquake response and recovery functions will be transitioned out of the EOC and moving forward, many of the key roles and responsibilities will be shared between the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA), the Christchurch City Council (the Council) and other local authorities and agencies.

CERA will lead the Recovery strategy, policy and planning, and the Council will continue to be responsible for regular Council related matters in the most part and the coordination of the Central City Plan.

The Council will be responsible for water and waste issues, including maintenance of street laterals; portaloos and chemical toilets; roading and traffic management; kerbside collections; water conservation and restrictions, including the state of the city’s waterways which will be shared in conjunction with Environment Canterbury; and a rodent management plan.

CERA will be responsible for the coordination and planning of infrastructure.

Orion will be responsible for power and the telcos will remain responsible for telecommunications.

CERA will be responsible for all individual building inquiries; cordon management including access schemes for business, temporary and residents; demolitions, including debris management; the Cashel Mall Re:Start project; and business communications which will be shared with Councils.

The Council will be responsible for earthquake prone building policy; heritage; resource consents; LIMs and PIMs; CBD business putrescence cleaning; and flood protection.

Economic Recovery
CERA will be responsible for economic recovery coordination and skills/workforce planning.

The Department of Labour will be responsible for the Labour market.

Responsibilities for welfare will remain with the following government agencies:
• Welfare rebuild coordination – CERA
• Welfare / employment assistance – Ministry of Social Development
• Temporary Housing – Department of Building and Housing
• Health messaging coordination – Canterbury District Health Board
• Education – Ministry of Education
• Emergency repairs – Earthquake Commission (EQC)
• Heating installation – EQC

Insurance claims and issues will be the responsibility of EQC, Insurance Council New Zealand and insurance companies

Individual projects
CERA will be responsible for land remediation and will share the responsibility of the hillside suburbs with the Council.

The Council will be responsible for the Central City Plan.

Public Information and website links
The general public can continue to call 941 8999 for all enquiries and check the following website for updates:,, and other agency websites.

Here’s the next big of big news – it’s about how you can usefully share your ideas with the council at a big upcoming expo.

Community expo to start sharing

29 April 2011

Christchurch residents are being asked to start sharing their ideas for the redevelopment of Christchurch’s earthquake-damaged Central City at a community expo next month

At the CBS Arena on Saturday 14 May and Sunday 15 May, the community expo is one of the first opportunities for the Greater Christchurch community to start sharing their ideas about how thay want their Central City to develop during the next 10 to 20 years.

Mayor Bob Parker says he encourages all residents to take part in the weekend

“We need everyone’s ideas if we are to create a Central City where people want to live, work and play. The economic and social success of Christchurch relies on us having a vibrant and prosperous Central City, and we can only have that if everyone shares their ideas.

“There will be lots of different views and opinions, and not all ideas will be able to be implemented, but if we are to re-create a strong Central City where residents want to spend their time, tourists want to visit and businesses want to invest, we need to know everyone’s ideas and thoughts,” he says.

“From this wealth of ideas, we will develop the draft Central City Plan to reflect our community’s vision for their Central City.”

Following the Community Expo, a range of a stakeholder workshops, panel discussions, focus groups and social media events will be organised to keep conversations going during the next two months and everyone sharing even more ideas, Mr Parker says.

The community has until the end of June to share their ideas before the draft Central City Plan is written, and in line with Government legislation, is released for formal public consultation. During this phase, he says the public will be asked to comment on the content of the Plan, through submissions and taking part in Council hearings.

The Central City Plan will be presented to the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) in December for sign off.

The community expo is on Saturday 14 May and Sunday 15 May from 10am to 5pm at the CBS Arena.

These media releases routinely end up on the Council’s website, and if you click the RSS feed it will automatically update itself on your toolbar – that way you’ll know as much as I do!

I’m delighted the news is out about the community expo – please book at least one of those days in your diary. I’ll be there on the Sunday: the Saturday is a long standing commitment which I’m keeping, but I’ll be reading all the feedback that came in, and you know where to find me in any case. Your views are essential at the first point in the process or we are not going to get the plan right as we go forward.

It will dovetail beautifully into the TedXChch event the following weekend – and I think there is room for many more of these events. If you’re a member of a professional body, a residents’ association, a school community – collective thinking is really helpful to the council and at the moment you have a great opportunity to really have your view heard.

Ears are open.

The Council is listening.

As I get ready to board my flight to parts unknown, a big wave goes out to those of you in the UK and beyond, who will no doubt be rattling your collectible tea caddies at the telly tonight. I was gobsmacked to find that yesterday’s blog was retweeted by one of the Local Government Organisations in the UK who have rather taken to my idea of forcible attendance at Council meetings for yobbos in receipt of ASBOs. (anti-social-behaviour-orders for those of us here in godzone – we don’t have them, and I don’t know that we want to. A badge of honour for little darlings whose likely 15 minutes of fame is on Jeremy Kyle. Bless them all.) Good luck with that – let me know how it goes!

Although the compulsory attendance at council is not a bad idea, actually. Almost worthy of Paul Henry? 😉

Happy weekend peeps – see you on the other side.

Blogging off.



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  1. Hi Sue,

    Great news on the expo.
    I will be there with a collation of all the ideas from the ideas lounge.
    I will be giving them to you so go through and pass on

    Hope your well and enjoy


    Comment by Deon Swiggs — April 30, 2011 @ 5:12 pm | Reply

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