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April 26, 2011

Food, fire, filming #eqnz @CollChris @ImogenHeap

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By the end of the day I’m feeling a little better about the things that made me so blue yesterday. I’m well fed (that quick weekend delve into Julia Child’s cookbook has sparked a revolution in the kitchen – we’re now out of butter cheese and garlic and the boys are saying things like ‘no Mum – that actually tasted good – what did you do?’), well watered (herbal tea only tonight after my diligent “round both bits of Hagley Park” running companion pushed my AFD button) and toasty warm.

I’ve been warm all day – too much so in fact. I have two A4 crates of paper work to read and it isn’t the easiest thing to do that while sitting in front of a logburner, gazing into it, wishing for just that one tiny change that would make life so much nicer. I’ve managed to stop day dreaming long enough to have finished reading my council agenda for Thursday, have my diary up to date (it is the bane of my life that thing) and tomorrow is organised.

I’m going out to CTV in the morning to shoot a trailer for Susan Sells. In case I haven’t explained – I’m going to be working at the station as a volunteer, reprising my old marketing show. It screens for the first time on May 9. At this stage I’m not entirely sure how the time management is going to go, but I will be well backstopped with other volunteers, and I will be making the point of taking time off so I can grab a few nights away here and there as well as keep my council work up to date. That’s going to matter I think. Important to make time for friends and family, the people you love. At the end of it all, that’s all that life is about.

The trailer we are shooting tomorrow is currently unwritten. Hair and makeup will be BYO. Wardrobe – ditto. Set – don’t have one yet. Lights and cameras are unconfirmed. So it should be absolutely brilliant, proper telly.

It’s going to be hard filming it. I’ll be doing it with a lump in my throat. The whole show’s going to be a hard ask for the first little while, because I know every time I look at that camera I’ll be looking straight into the eyes of family and friends who will be looking at a space their loved one used to occupy. I know from the time I spend in the CTV family group on Facebook that there is no debate about it being right to do this. We’re in it together, and that makes it not quite so awful, but there’s a really horrid knot in my stomach that only time is going to take away.

Perhaps tomorrow’s lunch will help. I’m being taken to a nice restaurant and it will do me the world of good. After that, I’ve somehow managed to get myself onto a governance group for IPENZ (they’ll see through me as an Arts grad soon enough – I think tomorrow’s teleconference could be a oncer) and then to coffee with a tweep. I’m loving Twitter. Today’s high spots have included having one of my “we’re open for business” messages retweeted by @CollChris in Thailand, who has nearly 135,000 followers. Thanks for that Chris, you’re a scholar and a gentleman, and that’s the power of social media, right there.

It was social media that connected me with @ImogenHeap. If I play my cards right, my stupidity will be corrected tomorrow and Cinderella may yet end up getting to go to the ball. Tim Hill was right – I should have made a point of buying my own ticket before I squeed to the world that she was coming to town. Online sales – none left. Sigh. Where’s my fairy godmother when I need her? (Also that Karma fairy – could use a bit of pixie dust from you anytime soon please – you know what for.) So a little piece of tomorrow remains a mystery, as it always should.

I have planned ahead a little though. I’ve organised my TedX tickets for May 21. That doesn’t alter the fact I have neglected yet again to pay my bills (groan, tomorrow’s job), I’ve yet to do my tax return, haven’t lodged my latest EQC claim or done my contents or rung IAG about my driveway, and my laundry is stone faced and unamused in the bedroom. The dishes are however done, this evening not by my hand. I love you, my boys.

Chris and Nick have spent the day (again) burning through the bandwith. For those of you reading this in a few years time, bandwith is a term you won’t understand anymore. It refers to the volume of stuff you can easily upload and download on the internet. Yes – that truly is a constraint here in 2011 – we do really have issues with sharing the load on our fibres. (Most of the issues arise from the ability of the major players to charge like wounded bulls for the privilege – but as you know there in future space, those issues are long gone).

Throughout, we’ve had shakes and jiggles today and I must say, as much as I love my Zorro, she doesn’t anchor down the other half of the bed in a decent jolt in a way that is really adequate. Burying your face in a cat is a fairly unsatisfactory sort of thing to do at the best of times, particularly when they have been sleeping. I might try not doing that tonight. Don’t think I have enough concealer to hide the consequences from the unforgiving lights of a television studio.

And tomorrow, I will need to squeeze in another run, perhaps before breakfast. I can feel those hot cross buns and contentment meals now sitting a little too firmly around my tummy. A bit like my gorgeous puppy, I have a tiny touch of a winter coat. As it’s only autumn, this is perhaps not the best idea. Mind you, a bit of extra insulation won’t do any of us any harm this year. That’s what Pepper’s trying to tell us, isn’t it darling?



  1. Just curious about AFD? Must be some endorphin from running…very foreign to me!
    Oh and I have absolutely no television experience but if there is anything I can do to help at CTV then please let me know

    Comment by Rob Gould — April 26, 2011 @ 9:58 pm | Reply

    • Afd – alcohol free day 🙂 and thanks heaps for the CTV offer Rob. 😉

      Comment by Sue Wells — April 27, 2011 @ 8:53 am | Reply

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