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April 19, 2011

Hagley Park, Enid, and dancing to @ImogenHeap #eqnz

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Council met informally this morning, for a briefing on a CCHL (Christchurch City Holdings Ltd) project, and for a further discussion on how we will engage in our soon to be starting discussions on the future of our central city.

I can’t go into detail about what we were discussing, and it’s a shame. Had you been a fly on the wall, I know you would have  been impressed at the level of penetrating questioning on the first topic, and nodding at the commitment to community participation on the second. Both conversations will progress to being open very soon. Watch this space.

I’d biked to work. Chilly this morning. Home, emails, put Pepper in the car, went to my hairdresser for the blonding you need when CTV promos are due to be shot. Hair looked fab – so it was important to put it to the test.

Hagley Park, I am so in love with you. Your trees, your leaves, the joggers, the cyclists, teens playing golf, and my girl running with her tail wagging through the glorious woods planted by our forbears. You are the jewel in our crown, you are a special place. I will not forget that.

Pepper and I played peekaboo behind the trees. Should a dog be able to learn that game? I love my girl. She’s soft, she’s mischief, she’s love in a black and white fur coat. What did I do without her?

I’d downloaded (and paid for as I always do) an album yesterday by a stunning artist who’s not entirely new to me – the lovely Imogen Heap. You can’t run to her music. You have to dance. Running to a salsa beat, the red and gold leaves falling, autumn sun low and faint, Pepper gambolling – bliss, bliss, bliss.

We were out for an hour or so. Talked to a couple of strangers, dog people. Filled a bag with pine cones. Watched the touch rugby players.

Drove home, through a right old proper traffic jam. The 5 ks took 45 minutes. Lit the fire, heated the soup, texted a few friends. And in short order, soup and I were off to a pot luck elsewhere – I’m not long home.

And I’ve been for a swim, and a spa. I’m fascinated by the consequences. My shoulder isn’t sore. I don’t know if it’s the heat or the movement, but I’ve discovered a new solution to my antiquated joint problem. As winter rolls further in, I’m guessing this could be the new world order. If only they let dogs into Pioneer so I could teach Pepper the doggy paddle, life would be perfect.

Am in bed with my laptop (blondes don’t seem to have more fun just yet!) and found this comment on last night’s blog.

Submitted on 2011/04/19 at 10:20 pm

Dear M/s Wells,
I hope you don’t mind me writing this. I am an 81yr old lady who has been trying to find out what happened to the mother of the two teenagers sitting in the roadway waiting for news of their mother in the quake. I did not know her name but by putting in a few sentences in Google, I finally found sadly, what I hoped I would not find…. that she had died. The Aussie tv stations showed the youngsters in distress and mentioned their home had been broken into, but I could not get them to tell me what happened to their Mum. Now I know and I am so terribly saddened. Thankyou for your website, at least I can say how I feel. I hope and pray they will carry on, and all of you in that beautiful city too. God bless you all, I prayed that their Mum would be found safe, but sadly, it wasn’t to be. Yours sincerely, Enid J******, from Bribie Island in Queensland.”

I’ve posted it on the CTV Roll-Call group page. I think she’s talking about one of ours. If not, we will spread the word till we find who she means so they know that dear lady in Queensland cared enough after all this time to sit down, find my blog, and try to get the message over here that she still cares.

It’s nearly two months now. It’s my baby’s 16th birthday tomorrow. (And yet remarkably I’m still only 27!) My lovely Nick – my boy who was in Subway on the day. As kids do now, he has chosen his birthday present. Unlike another young man I wrote of a few days ago, Nick didn’t go into town to fetch it on a bus. He ordered it off the internet. The small things that you don’t think of at the time. The small miracles or tragedies that save or take a life.

I have my Nick still, I have my Chris. I have my family, most of my friends, most of my colleagues. We are so very blessed. And tonight, I know I have the compassion and support of Enid in Bribie Island, who would have been well and truly within her rights to shut her eyes to our pain, or to say nothing at all.

I am very, very humbled – I am very, very grateful.


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  1. Sue, I know who that lady is talking about. I knew the exact picture she meant before I’d finished reading… That picture is one of the few images that I can still recall vividly in the days that followed. the teens with faces tear stained and such looks of pain, sister crying on brothers shoulders. Donnas kids.

    Comment by Sel — April 20, 2011 @ 1:07 pm | Reply

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