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April 18, 2011

Chemical toilets and CTV #eqnz #ctv

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Last night, it poured and poured. The rain was so strong it woke me around 4, and I lay there for a couple of hours thinking aimlessly about stuff until a courier brought a package at 8.30 and woke me from a sound sleep.

Answered some texts, finished reading some paperwork, thought hard about the rain and decided it was time to bring in the chemical loo rather than let it linger in its little outhouse.

Chris is much better than I am at reading instructions – I’ve left him to be the one in charge of our chemical loo, but he and his brother are spending the first work of the holidays based from their father’s house, so today was my moment to grasp the mettle and recharge the beast.

It’s like anything else. Simple enough once you get the hang of it, but the instructions are written in some alien language. I think it’s man-speak. I managed to find out where the blue sachets go, and how to refill it.

Tomorrow’s project will be figuring out how to empty it, and then seeing if I can actually lift it high enough to do the deed. It’s quite nice having the chance to do this without the kids here. They are so quick to grasp things that I feel quite flustered and stupid now that my adult brain takes longer to learn than do theirs. (Whoops – a little aftershock then – just a tiny tiddler).

By the time I’d faffed around with the contraption and had my shower, time had slipped a little. Although still in my dressing gown, I was at least coiffed and made up when the broadcasting students from (you can add them at arrived to film a piece on the relaunch of CTV. The news is now out and official that I’m going to be volunteering there, getting Susan Sells back up and underway. That kicks off next month, so from May 9 I’ll be back doing what I used to do. There goes the reputation. 🙂

The station got up and running today, and is going to be screening for a few hours a day on Maori Television as well as on our local frequencies. I’ll post some more bits and pieces here in due course.

The station has been great. They’ve sorted the filming times so that I can either go in before council work, or we can pre-record a batch of episodes. Back in the day the show went out live at 5, and then rescreened later that night. The buzz of live tv is quite something – it will be interesting to see if it feels different because of it. (It’s going to feel different anyway to start with. Donna and Jo G (and Jo D and all our other friends and colleagues) won’t be far away, they never are.) I feel really privileged to have been invited to help out. I just wish there was more I could do, but the only thing that would really make a difference is something none of us can change. As much as it hurts, life goes on in its new way, and we have to let it happen.

I caught up on some emails after that, then went to the Urban Development Strategy Implementation Committee meeting. The Urban Development Strategy is Christchurch’s premium policy document. It was developed collaboratively with our community and our neighbouring councils over a period of years, and it’s the treasure in our chest. Today’s meeting was a reaffirmation of that. (The last meeting was on February 21 – it seems like a different lifetime. I remember turning up there having broken my rear derailleur as I rode down Rapaki with Pepper for a quick lunchtime blat. I haven’t been up Rapaki since – I really miss that ride.)

Pepper and I went from there to National Radio, to do Jim Mora’s “The Panel”. National Radio is still broadcasting from the Camelot Motel on Papanui Road. Pepper lay placidly on the carpet while somewhere else in the country John Bishop and I discussed everything from inflationary principles to when bread is too mouldy to eat. Here’s some of it here –

Went to Sydenham Park for the 5 o’clock meeting. Nobody visible, but heaps of cars. Drat, I thought, they must have finished early, and drove home. Discovered on reading my twitter feed upon arrival that they had decamped to the bowling club – didn’t think to look there. Will catch up tomorrow on the outcomes particularly for the hills, and make my apologies to those I was meant to visit.

Had a friend pop in for tea, bringing a curry. Definitely something for the “rare treat” file now that the chem loo is inside. This is the metro news story –

Handwashed the day’s dishes, downloaded the new Lady Gaga song and some Kate Bush classics. Paid for them – always do.

It’s cold tonight, the moon is full, the clouds have cleared, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not the first frost tonight. We’re certainly due for it – it’s nearly the end of April and the benevolence of our weather has been a real blessing.

So too has the light. The rainbows on the hills in the last few days have been absolutely extraordinary, the drama of the clouds today has been breathtaking. The beauty in our city, with its changing leaves and its changing buildings is violent but magnificent nonetheless. The fresh liquefaction down Beckford Road and St Martins Road makes me feel like I’m seeing the planet breathing, alive.

I had a lovely post on my facebook wall today from a fellow Cantabrian that sums up how I’m feeling about my turangawaewae- my place.

“Now you better look after that ChCh for me because that is where my heart belongs..I have always told people that ChCh may look on the outside to be a staid old Lady but once you get to know her she is your eccentric favorite Aunt..Now the old girl wants to reinvent herself….My hometown always totally amazes me..She is a bit like the unsinkable Molly Brown”

To that end today, I wore my Briar Cook pink and purple legwarmers on my tv interview, to the UDSIC meeting, to National Radio. Quintessentially the eccentric aunt, quintessentially Christchurch, ditto CTV. A perfect match.


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