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April 16, 2011

Aftershock April 16 2011 #eqnz

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We had a big aftershock about an hour ago. I was in the kitchen. Then I was on the deck. About a 5.3 just over the hill in diamond harbor. I thought we were due for one today. Pepper has been very depressed and is now in the back of the car.
Power is off here. We have lit the log burner, listening to tv3 on the radio. My phone charge is low but I can always run it off the car for a while. Getting to be a dab hand at this!
Front door won’t open now. Will look at it tomorrow. No big deal. There’s another out the back.
Bedroom windows flew open but they are shut again so all good.
Ran with pepper today up Ramahana rd, aotea, huntsbury, through huia gilpin reserve to summit road and then along to victoria park. Down dyers pass along centaurus and home. 2 hours 26. Running again tomorrow morning with chris and mike. We will be talking about tedx which is here on may 21. I’m very excited to be going to that.
It was raining and misty on the hills. You couldn’t see a dog ten feet away. It was beautiful. I’ve missed the hills. (there’s another rumble). No cars or bikes on the summit road. It felt like flying. How clever and visionary harry ell was to give us that beautiful track. I did wonder what would happen with all the rocks on the hills today if it kicked off while I was there. Kept texting my chum to let him know my location.
This is life as normal. The clatter of things falling in the fridge. The checking of water. (that’s the real test. I have lots stored now.)
Shan’t be going out tonight though. Once they start the damn things tend to run in clusters and its silly to be on the roads in the dark. Might be something easy for tea I think.
We had a lovely breakfast this morning, omelettes and bacon and juice and toast. Chris had Simon and Alex staying and it was lovely listening to them play guitar and sing. I feel certain in a few years I will be looking at them all and saying to someone “I knew them when they were just kids. Look at them now.”


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