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April 13, 2011

Goodbye Girls’ High #eqnz

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Busy day. Christchurch City Holdings Ltd (CCHL) of which I am a director met this morning at the George Hotel. A full agenda with a variety of topics. First time I’ve attended a board meeting wearing merino running pants and track shoes. The corporate dress code really has altered.
Cycled through town at the end of the meeting. Old Girls’ High (my Alma mater) on Montreal/Armagh being demolished. Got quite a knot in my stomach. Rode down St Asaph on the way to BNZ Fitzgerald as Lichfield still closed. Lots of people taking pictures down Manchester and Colombo Streets. Disbelief and grief on their faces. Its unsurprising and it saddened me. Meeting at Vivace with a resident to discuss concerns about an RMA issue. Home briefly before pot luck tea with the other councillors at Bob’s. (I’m going to take the left over roast. About all I have the energy for today. Didn’t sleep much last night)

GNS website shows a new fault line which kicked off on 22/2. My geography is not all that flash. It does however seem to run more or less under my house. No wonder the piano fell over! Must get it tuned. I’m in the mood to play.




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