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April 10, 2011

Addington, Sydenham, Pepper and Pikelets #eqnz

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A bright and shiny blue skied Saturday, after a long, late, hilarious night.

We started at Pomeroys, ended up in Merivale, a small group of tired and coping Cantabs out to blow away some cobwebs.

By the time I cabbed home it was well and truly tomorrow – which is now already yesterday.

That’s why I ended up on my deck, in my dressing gown, eating pasta at 1 this afternoon.

Then I did my laundry and took my girl for a walk.

To Addington, (4k) where the gapfiller fair featured amazing, beautiful artists and people with lovely crafts. I bought myself a red-topped Kiwi shaped cookie, and a pair of the coolest hot pink and purple retro legwarmers made from recycled fabrics ( that you’ll ever see.

I talked to their maker, the lovely Briar, about the role of fashion and self image in this strange time. We agreed that if you are in this moment, it’s great to be in it well and truly. What an amazing woman. I loved her energy and her attitude.

Pepper just loved everyone. She cuddled and hugged and pushed her pretty nose into people’s hands. Overseas there is a type of working dog called a “PAT” dog – Pets As Therapists. I want to find out how that works here, get her registered. And I want to start a conversation with DOC about why they restrict access on so much of their land to people with bikes and people with dogs. But that is for another day.

We walked from Addington to try to buy a Lotto ticket at Countdown on Moorhouse Ave. (Nearly went to Hagley Park. Didn’t realise just how close it is to my home – only 5k if you walk that way.) I had previously resolved not to buy any more, as with the kids coming safely out of town I have already won life’s lottery, but there is now a use for that money. I wouldn’t mind putting a big whack of it into CTV. More on that next week.

From Addington, into Sydenham. The cordon opened today, so I went and visited Doc Ross and Liz at their gallery. Doc is (according to Liz) the King of Sydenham. They’re tempted to put a sign up which reads “Welcome to Sydenham – population 2”. There is however some debate about whether Dave in the caravan on the empty site across the road might count as 3. The army have been looking after him. He’s a bit of a character. A good place for him to be, I think.

The sun was streaming into Doc’s as I left – time to haul the chairs and barbeque onto the footpath and spill life onto the streets. Take it over Doc – make it yours. It’s going to boom so fast there you should enjoy the peace while you can.

Bumped into Darren from EcoArk on the street – he’s the cool guy that makes the perspex Jimmy Choo computer stands and the beautiful “Rise Up” mirrors. ( He tweeted that he’d seen me. Made me smile.

Talked to the team from Penny Lane, and to the furniture shop further down the road.

Walked home down Huxley Street, texting as I went. Friends seem so close when you hold them in your hand on your phone. It’s very easy then to hold them in your heart.

Walked through the St Martins New World mountain bike track and mini golf course – formerly known as the carpark. I was a bit sad that Beckford Road has been smoothed out. I liked the cycling challenge of it. Our walk today about 10 kms I think.

Had a glass of water when I got home, out of the fridge. Our big excitement is that the boil water notice has been lifted, so I can use it again. Filtered water, no chlorine taste – delicious.

Add to that Mum and Dad coming around for tea (and bringing it – Chinese – yum). Mum also brought peanut biscuits (they’ve taken a hammering) pikelets (Pepper loves Nana) tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. Dad appraised my home and is somewhat sceptical of EQC’s ‘non-structural’ assessment. Oh well – it’ll be what it’ll be. The fire is going, the roof is standing, the dog is happy and soon I’ll have clean sheets on the bed.

Kimmy has been around, watching the end of the rugby and we have been gossiping as girls do. We’ve talked about men and clothes and men and fashion and men and hair and it’s been a lovely, lovely night.

And it’s time for me to head to bed. Tomorrow morning I’m up at sparrows to run a practice half at McLeans Island. Pepper will love the off-lead run. Then I have to sort out some paperwork, I shall be chatting with the delightful Hugo Manson, and a dear friend is coming for dinner tomorrow night. I should probably buy some groceries. And something nice for dessert.

Treats matter.




  1. You’ve made me blush now! But oops you better check the name – EQ brain strikes again

    Comment by Danny — April 10, 2011 @ 12:32 am | Reply

  2. Sue – my cat used to do Pet Therapy in Akld, it was run by the SPCA in conjunction with St Johns. Not sure who/what org does it in Chch

    Comment by @rachel_a — April 10, 2011 @ 12:40 am | Reply

  3. Thank you for that lovely mention, Sue! I in turn referred to our meeting as “the sale of the day” a perfect combination of timing (it was the last sale), connection and finances. BTW the link you mentioned will not go anywhere useful at the moment. I’m better found on Facebook or at my online shop above (though it is currently empty. Anyway – thanks again – it is always a pleasure to sell stuff to someone who will wear it with style!! BC

    Comment by Briar — April 10, 2011 @ 4:10 am | Reply

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