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April 6, 2011

15ks, a coffee, and the Chalice #eqnz

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I slept last night. Not all night, but much more deeply than before. I feel vastly better. Sleep’s one of the big tricks to coping. So is getting rid of stress.

Pepper and I ran 15km today to burn off this morning’s briefing. Really it was 3km, coffee at the Beckenham Library with a tweep for a chat about TedX (you’ll hear lots more about that before May 21), and then 12 further km. Opawa (home) – Beckenham – Spreydon – Addington – Sydenham – home again, home again, jiggity jig.

I think I broke Pepper. She’s too tired to eat. Dinner for me tonight is a salami and cheese roll. Chris is off at job training (YAY!) and Nick’s in his room – I can hear him laughing and chatting on a forum.

The online world is a real community. Had that discussion today at the library – when you meet someone you’ve been tweeting, you launch into the conversation you were having even though it may be the first time you’ve laid eyes on them. No such things as strangers, any more.

On the phone today, any number of requests for different types of assistance. They’ve all been actioned. With an iphone, the office is as much about walking or running as it used to be sitting at a desk (or as I am now at the kitchen table, enjoying the heat from the logburner).

When I get the right amount of sleep, it’s amazing how much I can pack in a day.

We all are at the moment. Our briefing this morning showed just how much work continues to be done. Cordon reductions are proceeding apace – Sydenham is due to open this weekend – full maps on  Cordons change all the time, and demolition plans are driving them. Public safety is constantly reassessed so that we enable businesses to recover items and begin to trade. A job, an income, a contribution to our recovery – these are all further fundamental parts to our recovery.

Then a briefing on the hills and the rock fall and the chaos – extraordinary pictures, extraordinary damage – the winter to come will be a most interesting time.

As I drove down Montreal to the briefing this morning, there were two construction cranes, one on either side of the road. Their tall arms formed a v shape. It reminded me of the Chalice in Cathedral Square. It, by the way, is still standing. As is my undaunted faith in a most wonderful future for Christchurch.


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