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April 3, 2011

The Controller and the Hot Pink Halo #eqnz

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Living is getting in the way of blogging. As much as I want to update things every day, so much is happening that I’m fitting it in where I can. And here is 2.30 on a mellow autumn Sunday afternoon in my newly cleaned kitchen. The pull out pantry broke during an aftershock on Friday night, and was on a fierce lean. With the aid of a very talented and practical friend and a lump of firewood the pantry is now disassembled and in the spare room – the groceries neatly stacked on shelves that until now contained only the detritus of a poorly thought out kitchen.

I think I’m nesting.  I rather like it. Perhaps it’s been brought on by all the pink in my life. The world’s cutest t-shirt arrived for me from a dear friend in the States – Johnny Cash is my new running buddy now. It’s gorgeous. Tight, cheeky, perfect. Makes me smile – and will help me pick the pace up.

Half marathon training continues. I flicked out 14km yesterday in between errands and picking up friends from the airport last night. An excellent Thai meal (who knew what Parm Gai was!) and a variety of superb desserts made for a gorgeous lazy lovely evening.

Friday was rather more hectic. It started with a briefing for MPs, Councillors and Community Board members. John Hamilton, the National Controller of Civil Defence talked us through changes to the way they have been permitting access into red zone areas, and prospective time frames for lifting the cordons. It is still very dangerous in the CBD. Qualified engineers acting on instruction from their client will now be able to go in without a USAR team to assess a building’s suitability for entry. If it is safe, building owners will then be able to register for a time when a squad can accompany them in to collect their things. It’s good to see Civil Defence responding to the requests from business owners. Perhaps if there had been better explanation around the degree of risk and the rationale there would have been less conflict. I hope we continue to work through that. There’s no doubt in my mind of the value of business continuing – equally nobody wants any more lives lost in town. That ‘s the tension that Civil Defence is managing.

The Controller also stressed to us that looting of premises has been virtually nil. The heavy police and armed forces presence have no doubt contributed to that. Good news indeed.We talked through the CERA structure, and the point was made again that the commitment to the community is fundamental to successful recovery. It’s the standard in international best practice disaster recovery, and obvious when you think about it. We all have to take part in getting our lovely city back together and back running again. We all need each other.

The briefings are to continue twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays for us now. Council is meeting informally on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Afternoons are for constituent work and it is plenty and varied. I’m doing my best to stay on top of it and not stressing when I can’t. I’m remembering to stop and take time out for me too.

I made time on Friday too to go shopping. I needed some things for Saturday. I’m a creature of habit whose haunts have gone. Two choices. Look back or look forward. I’ve done the latter. I’m learning about places I never went to much before. Tower Junction featured on Friday and I came home with bags of goodies, marvelling at the prices in stores I wouldn’t ordinarily have gone to first.

One of those goodies got its first wear on Friday night. Our inaugural girls’ night, at Pomeroy’s (it most certainly is open.) Sue White was as always the perfectly prepared contributor and turned up complete with pink sparkly halo. It was worn by a variety of women throughout the evening, each of us gigglier as time wore on.

I seem to have temporarily acquired it. It is sitting on my china cabinet in the hallway, still grinning cheerfully. It’s lucky halos can’t talk. What happens under the halo – stays under the halo. I might take my own sweet time giving it back too. I think I can feel my wings sprouting. 🙂



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