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March 10, 2011

Snapshot – Thursday March 10 2011 #eqnz

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Sleep – about 4 hours. Was too high for much after the adventures of the day before. Ended up gossiping with Sam Johnson til midnight – then rang Richard Tyson about 1am for a debrief. How do USAR people sleep? Like cats?

Didn’t even change clothes. Took shoes off. Shoved dog sideways to get enough space. Collapsed in snoring heap til Gaia woke me around 5.

I fixed her – went back to sleep. Alarm woke me at 8. Pepper provoked me to surface by making that special “I’m going to do it on the rug” sound that I’ve come to know and love. Got her out before she made good her promise. Won’t let her drink water from the gutter again. She’s a dog, not a health inspector.

Coffee. Dog. Running shoes. Off to Audiopilot to voice commercials – they’re on Fitzgerald Ave, about 3km from home. Hard to run and drink coffee with dog on lead. Left mug at Challenge Service Station on Opawa Rd and asked them to babysit it. Prostitute working from Challenge forecourt wasn’t very chatty. High heels in hand, feet covered in silt dust.

Ran down Wilsons Rd, AMI on my left. Dust everywhere. Past the new Mastagard plant – the stench. Bleargh. Rotten meat. In ordinary times the complaints would be coming thick and fast.

Over Ferry Rd, past Phillipstown School, past Vivace Coffee, the signboard out saying “Business as Usual”. Hmm, I thought, I don’t think that’s quite the case.

Tuam St? Stopped a nice young man (not with evil intent) and asked him to take a shot of Pepper and me with the Grand Chancellor in the back. It fascinates me. It’s changing shape every day. It scares me a little too. And Richard was in its shadow yesterday. Shudder.

Up the stairs at Audiopilot, no fuss about dogs inside these days. Pepper giving cuddles to Amanda and Keegan while I read the New World scripts for places where the earth doesn’t move and people don’t chat about broken bones or funerals. (A little Christchurch company does the instore voicework for the entire country, and only missed one week’s recording post quake.)

Then ran home. The prostitute had moved to the corner of Opawa and Wilsons Rd and wasn’t that impressed when I smiled at her and said I hoped she didn’t get cold. 10.30 in the morning and not doing a roaring trade. The surly demeanour not doing her any favours.

Picked my mug up from behind the counter at Challenge – such nice folk. Got home in time to drop the dog, get my office (backpack) and take the car to the Beckenham Library. The Council has been having regular briefings, one such this morning. An hour with Civil Defence people, discussing a whole lot of information and sharing intelligence we’ve gleaned. There’s a great information flow happening – we’re going to try to explain more what’s going on because the rush rush of response has swamped us entirely.

And then Chris arrived at 12 – we went to the Aurora Centre at Burnside High for the community meeting of Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti. They announced our new temporary location would be Halswell Residential School, til the end of term. Then, who knows where. The server recovery from yesterday was mentioned in dispatches. Richard should be proud. Nick had stayed overnight at a mate’s house, also part of the UPT community – what will it be like on Tuesday when school resumes? One giant car pool? School busses at long last?

Meeting over, to a supermarket. Groceries. Picked up bike. Home to blog.

Neighbour at the door a moment ago I hadn’t seen since the 22nd. She’d been away – came in covered in a plaster cast with bruising on her face. That was from her bike accident post quake, not the day itself.

She’s just spent half an hour telling me how her shop in Manchester Street crashed to bits that day. She and her colleagues dug a young man out of his crushed car. They protected the shop with a fence they took from a cleared site across the road. She was so relieved to have had a text from him – to hear he was all right. “I washed his blood off my hands at McDonalds in Ashburton,” she said. “They were doing a roaring trade that day.”




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