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March 8, 2011

Of laptops, long walks, and accidental parties

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Spent the morning trading war stories about Ian Cumming, the rudest man in television. He was present at the time so I feel I can that with impunity.

Ian was my old (very) producer at CTV. Luckily, he was last there 6 days before it fell down. I invited him around to share an interview that TV3 wanted to do. You know it’s real love when you share airtime.

So the lounge now looks worse than during the earthquake. The floor is covered in emotional debris. Boxes of baby pictures, old pregnancy tests, me breastfeeding Chris (no, I won’t post that one til his 21st) and all the CTV memorabilia a girl could ever want. Telethon posters, old videos – and that’s why we have children. Chris (once he surfaced) hooked up the ancient VCR from my bedroom to our flash whizzo munted big TV. By the time Jendy Harper and Christie got here Ian and I were reliving CTV’s opening night. The roll call was amazing. A who’s-who of New Zealand broadcasting. Nick film and took shots of TV3 filming and taking shots. My life, the Truman Show. Will post those tomorrow rather than torment the party guests who are listening to me read this aloud. (Colin and Rachel – my saviours).

After the filming – a talk with Glenn Conway about town planning. Enough to make anyone want to go for a run. So I did. All 13ks of it – the city to surf that I won’t be doing this year. A few stops on the way to help the folk who needed a hand and home in time for a shower (bliss) before taking Nick to Tower Junction for his replacement laptop. His old one is at Unlimited for a very unlimited period of time.

Great folks at Norman Ross. Tolerant of my techie. Understood what tired looks like. Let me haggle. It doesn’t feel right if you don’t haggle.

And home to a night which will feature Colin and Rachel and the Friel’s now fixed bike (she won’t read this blog – she won’t know I munted it) Sam Johnson in all his curly strawberry glory, Glen and Majka, Nick, Chris’ friends Alex (who brought me roses, bless the boy) and Simon (who didn’t so he’s doing the dishes), and Kim T who is bringing me a soldier. At least that what she’s promised. Knowing my luck it’s kind you dip in your eggs. Hmmm. Either way…..



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  1. “You know it’s real love when you share airtime.” LOL Very true.
    Good on the haggling too – usually difficult with techie stuff.
    BTW Sue, News Terrorist is oratek on twitter aka Kirk Brocas.

    Comment by newsterrorist — March 8, 2011 @ 5:48 pm | Reply

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