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March 7, 2011

Nick’s Pics on National Radio – Mum’s 83rd birthday

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Slept last night, but for an hour. A sleep of two halves, as Wayne Smith would say (Heard from him today. He and I were the DB Sport anchors on CTV on June 17 1991. Thankfully one of us knew about sport – I won’t tell you which one it was). He’s coming to Murray Woods’ funeral this Friday, Aurora Centre at Burnside at 10.30am. I suspect it could be a proxy for some of the other CTV colleagues whose families have yet to receive formal confirmation of their deaths. It will be the first of many for some of us – a friend of mine has already attended her first funeral last week. This town is going to be a sea of black (and red) for weeks to come.

With a good night’s sleep, the world seems brighter. Attended a fantastic meeting at the  55 Princess St Complex. CDC, the Chamber of Commerce, CCHL (that’s the Christchurch City Council Holdings Company of which I’m one of the directors), local councillors, MPs, gathered together to hear the amazing progress that Bill Luff, Peter Davie, Bruce Irvine et al have made to date with

That’s the business hub which will assist with the economic restoration of our province. That project starts tomorrow. It’s shop o’clock in the local hood.

Had a couple of calls about seeming oversupply of portaloos in Birdwood Ave. (Good grief – a month ago I was contemplating whether or not to vote for the cycling centre of excellence and now it’s long drops and water!) Checked with council – they want them there because (a) the network is really fragile and (b) there are spots of no water in the area. Same in Hawford Rd. It’s just a bonus the one outside my house looks directly into my bedroom window.

To physio with the glorious Suli at Physio South in Linwood Ave. She told me today her first day was 22/2/11. She rocks. Karma is a funny thing.

And then to National Radio with Nick. I MET SIMON DICKINSON!!!!! OMG! I touched him even but only in a nice way. He’s radio royalty. I was so impressed. Nick and Pepper took photos  – I tried to upload them but couldn’t get my 3G working inside the Camelot. Need a vodem. On the list of things to do, along with cleaning the house before Jendy Harper and Campbell Live arrive to interview me tomorrow about CTV. (NOT going to happen – it’s all earthquake mess – honest). After I finish this I have to find some more memorabilia and then not start bawling. Got to look pretty for the camera. Hard enough at the moment.

And then to Mum and Dad’s. Mum’s 83 today. Born in 1928. She’s lived through the depression, the Napier Earthquake, WWII, Korea, Tangiwai, Vietnam, the sexual revolution, the Wahine disaster, the oil shock in ’73, the nor-west wind of ’75, the big snow of ’92 – and me. (I think I’m the worst of course.)

Oh – and twitter rocked today. Had some awesome tweets and a direct message that make me squeak in the car. I won’t tell you why, or who – but Nick told me I had to calm my farm. It was a goodie.

Time for a brandy. Then it’s sleep o’clock.



  1. Well done on the recover Canterbury website. It is a valuable resource. Could you please add to the list of businesses that can assist. We can help homeowners easily find good competitively priced tradesmen who are available to work without having to ring around. A big part of our team in based in Christchurch.



    Comment by Keith — March 7, 2011 @ 9:23 pm | Reply

  2. Heh, don’t worry about the photos. Some well known bloggers have taken literally years to work out how to put photos on their blog. You’re doing well.

    Comment by scrubone — March 8, 2011 @ 9:18 am | Reply

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